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The Green Parties of Korea, Taiwan and Japan support the Hong Kong protests.

On the 9th of June, more than a million people came out to the streets in Hong Kong to oppose the Hong Kong government’s proposal to amend the extradition law. Many have expressed concerns that these amendments will be a direct threat to Hong Kong’s democracy and rule of law. The umbrellas in the crowd remind us of scenes from the Umbrella Movement 5 years ago. The protests have become bigger in scale. It is recorded as the largest demonstration ever held in Hong Kong since the handover in 1997. On the 12th of June, peaceful protesters fighting for freedom were met with a violent charge of batons by the government. 79 citizens were injured, 2 of whom are in serious condition. The Hong Kong government has already labelled the protest as a ‘riot’. China is accusing foreign powers of orchestrating the protests.

Paris climate conference - failure is not an option

Global Greens call for unity and resolve The Global Greens call upon the governments of the world, assembled at Paris next week, to fulfil their collective responsibility for preventing dangerous climate change. (English, Spanish)

Ni solidare subtenas demokration: deklaro de la Mondaj Verduloj.

La Mondaj Verduloj montras sian solidarecon kun ĉiuj, kiuj celas atingi kaj konservi la fundamentajn homajn rajtojn, kiuj estas gravigitaj en demokratio.

Estamos en Solidaridad con la Democracia: una declaración de Global Greens

La democracia es un valor fundamental de la política verde. Los Verdes Globales nos solidarizamos con todas las personas que tratan de alcanzar y preservar los derechos humanos fundamentales que están arraigados en la democracia.

Nous Sommes Solidaires pour la Démocratie: une déclaration des Verts Mondiaux

Les Verts Mondiaux témoignent leur solidarité avec toutes les personnes qui cherchent à atteindre et préserver les droits humains fondamentaux qui sont encrés dans la démocratie. Nous vivons un moment charnière à l'échelle mondiale...

We Stand in Solidarity for Democracy: a Global Greens statement

The Greens are in solidarity with all who stand for democracy and our universal human rights. Your struggle is our struggle. We are united as a global family with a shared future and aspirations for sustainability. We join with you in your fight and we send you a message of determination, hope and self-belief!

Bolivia’s Partido Verde Ecologista Denuncia el gobierno de Evo Morales

PARTIDO VERDE ECOLOGISTA (PVE) DENUNCIA y ACLARACIÓN ANTE LA OPINION INTERNACIONAL El PVE condena y denuncia ante la opinión internacional y los verdes del mundo, la doble moral del gobierno de Evo Morales, actitud que la tuvo durante sus 14 años, cuyos resultados hoy día se hacen evidentes, deja un país, racista, con una clase política corrupta e impune, penetrada y gobernada por los sindicatos cocaleros del Chapare

European Green Party call on Europe to support Hong Kong's Democracy!!

Hong Kong’s democratic resistance has inflicted a massive defeat on Beijing’s strategy. Within just a week, first one million took to the streets, then nearly two million people to defend their freedom. This commitment in a city where seven million people live is unprecedented. This is not an isolated incident, but a epoch-defining moment.

The Green Wave across Europe will come to East Asia


The European Parliament election, which lasted from 23rd to 26th in May, is over. Although the ballot-counting is still underway, European Greens are expected to gain 18 extra compared to their existing 52 seats, which will lead to a total of 70 seats



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