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Gender Audit & Gender Action Plan Resources


A Framework for Developing Gender Policies for Political Parties 

International IDEA (Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), 2016 


Evaluating the Gender Sensitivity of Parliaments, A Self-Assessment Toolkit 

Inter-Parliamentary Union, 2016

Gender-Sensitive Parliaments
An online toolkit to evaluate the gender sensitivity of parliaments including political party procedures
European Institute for Gender Equality


Handbook on Promoting Women’s Participation in Political Parties
Includes a template of a gender audit of a political party in Annex 2 and gender action plans from the political parties of Slovenia in Annex 3
OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), 2014 


Gender Audit Tool by ODIHR
A website dedicated to gender audit methodology which includes a gender audit questionnaire to assess a political party’s level of gender sensitivity. OSCE/ODIHR


Plan of Action for Gender-Sensitive Parliaments
Inter-Parliamentary Union, 2017

Gender Equity and Gender Sensitivity Training Resources

Gender Equality Training: Gender Mainstreaming Toolkit
European Institute for Gender Equality, 2016

Gender sensitivity, a training manual for sensitizing education managers, curriculum and material developers and media professionals to gender concerns
UNESCO, 2004

Gender Training Toolkit
World Vision International, 2008, second edition

Manual on Training for Gender Equality
UN Women Training Centre, 2019

ParlGenderTools – Gender Equality Toolkits for Parliamentarians in the Caribbean ParlAmericas & UN Women Multi-Country Office for the Caribbean

Resource Centre
Includes a variety of training tools, resources and manuals that would be useful for conducting gender equality and gender sensitivity training
UN Women Training Centre

UN Women Training Centre
Includes free and paid self-paced course on topics relating to gender 

Other Resources

Campaign Manual for Women Candidates

Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy, April 2020


Empowering Women for Stronger Political Parties

Julie Ballington

United Nations Development Programme & National Democratic Institute, February 2012


Global Gender Gap Report 2020

World Economic Forum


Women’s Political Participation in Asia and the Pacific

Jacqui True, Nicole George, Sara Niner, and Swati Parashar 

Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum 


CPPF Working Papers on Women in Politics: No. 3, October 2014


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