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Solar Schools

Cleaner, cheaper power for our schools.

The Green Party has a comprehensive plan for cleaner, cheaper power for all New Zealanders. This extends to our kids.

We will help schools reduce their power bills by investing $20 million into solar PV systems in schools, allowing schools to benefit from cheaper, cleaner power.

Schools’ power bills are too high. Our policy will let them save money on electricity – money which can be invested directly into teaching and learning instead.

Our schools are a perfect candidate for solar PV because the majority of their power usage is during the day.

Solar in Schools has the added benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and educating students, staff and the wider community about environmental sustainability and clean energy.

The Green Party’s plan for cleaner, cheaper power for New Zealand schools will see:

  1. $20 million over three years putting solar systems into schools
  2. Expected annual savings of $1.64 million+GST
  3. Expected total savings of $41 million+ GST over the 25 year lifespan of the panels installed
  4. Lower power bills for schools
  5. Savings redirected to teaching and learning
  6. Reduced fossil fuel use
  7. New green jobs and a boost to regional economic development
  8. Kiwi kids knowledgeable about the benefits of clean energy


09/02/2014 – 08:03


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