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Policy Template Writer Position

Work with the  Asia Pacific Green Federation writing policy templates so that our member parties can use these to help develop their own national policies.

Applications close Monday November 11.  Send CV and letter to asiapacificgreens@gmail.com

The policies will adhere to the Global Greens Charter and green party values. Existing policies from relevant national Green parties may also be used for reference.  Many APGF parties do not as yet have a selection of relevant policies and this is a step on the pathway to assist the parties to achieve this.

Remuneration: Part-time contractor position.

The position will be on a consultant contract to end on or before 30 June 2020.  The Policy Template Writer will work from a suitable location in their own country. No travel will be required for this position.  The rate will be subject to a standard living salary in the country of residence see https://www.averagesalarysurvey.com/

Payment will be made in three tranches as specific milestones are met:

First tranche: Five subject policy templates completed

Second Tranche: Eight subject policy templates completed

Third Tranche: Seven subject policy templates completed and final report submitted to the Secretary and Policy Committee


The Policy Template writer will:

  1. report directly to the APGF Secretary who will have all line management responsibilities for the position;
  2. Attend the policy committee meetings
  3. Attend other committee meetings if required by the Secretary

Policy Template Writer Responsibilities


To develop policy templates relevant to APGF parties to assist them in further developing their national policy platforms.

Writing and Referencing

Policy templates must be written in  English and provide clear references to any copied materials. They must each adhere to a template format that is designed in consultation with the Policy Committee.  The policies are considered completed when approved by the policy committee.

Required Experience

  1. At least 3 years relevant experience in a policy writing/ policy development role
  2. Strong research skills
  3. Demonstrated experience/ understanding of green politics  values
  4. Excellent written English language skills
  5. Demonstrated ability to work independently and with a team

Additional skills of value

  1. Experience working cross-culturally
  2. Political communications/ campaign writing experience
  3. Understanding of Green policies

Potential Policy Areas for guideline template development include but are not limited to:

Womens Policies

Youth & Childrens Policy

Climate Change

Natural Resources







You will work independently from your own location with your own computer.

Reference documents

APGF Website

APGF Facebook

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