The Green Party has released a strong party list for the 2014 election that balances proven leadership and experience with fresh new faces.

The list release coincides with a national day of action where Green Party volunteers will take to the streets around the country, with the aim of knocking on 10,000 voters doors.  

“We are presenting New Zealanders with a very strong and experienced party list, full of talent ready to lead in a new Government,” said Green Party Co-convenor Georgina Morrison. 

“Our goal for the 2014 election is to receive a minimum of 15 percent of the party vote. That would mean we would have 20 MPs. 

“Our caucus experienced a 50 percent turnover at the last election, and all current MPs are still in our top 20, meaning we have many experienced hands on deck ready to get going on day one in a new Government after the election.

“We also have six new faces in the top 20. They will bring a wealth of wealth of experience from business, farming, and the community and NGO sectors into our team at Parliament.   

“Our experienced Co-leadership of Metiria Turei and Russel Norman, who have lead the party together for five years, will again lead our Green team into this election campaign.   

“This is a diverse and balanced list. There are 10 women and 10 men in our top 20, six Aucklanders, four Maori and the first deaf candidate in the top 10 of any party’s list in MMP history. 

“The Green Party list truly represents the diversity of the New Zealand population. We are proud of the candidates we are putting forward to be elected. 

“This list was ranked by our members and is the most democratic list put forward by any of the major parties. 

“This election offers the opportunity for us to achieve our best electoral result ever. We are well placed and we have talented candidates to achieve good green change in a new Government,” said Morrison.

Note on list ranking process: All Green Party members (who have been members for more than six months) are given the chance to vote on the list. STV (successive elimination) is used as the voting system. This list goes to the candidate selection committee and leadership group and may be subject to minor adjustments for gender, race, age and location. No candidate can move more than two places from where the party members ranked them.

Read more at:

Green Party 2014 Election Official List         
1.    TUREI, Metiria 
2.    NORMAN, Russel 
3.    HAGUE, Kevin 
4.    SAGE, Eugenie 
5.    HUGHES, Gareth
6.    DELAHUNTY, Catherine
7.    GRAHAM, Kennedy 
8.    GENTER, Julie Anne 
9.    MATHERS, Mojo
10.    LOGIE, Jan
11.    CLENDON, Dave
12.    WALKER, Holly 
13.    SHAW, James 
14.    ROCHE, Denise 
15.    BROWNING, Steffan 
16.    DAVIDSON, Marama 
17.    COATES, Barry 
18.    HART, John 
19.    KENNEDY, Dave
20.    ELLEY, Jeanette 
21.    McDONALD, Jack
22.    MOORHOUSE, David
23.    ROTMANN, Sea 
24.    BARLOW, Aaryn 
25.    LECKINGER, Richard
27.    RUTHVEN, Susanne 
28.    MOORE, Teresa 
29.    LANGSBURY, Dora
30.    WOODLEY, Tane 
31.    PERLEY, Chris 
32.    GOLDSMITH, Rachael
33.    KELCHER, John 
34.    ROGERS, Daniel 
35.    WESLEY, Richard 
36.    SMITHSON, Anne-Elise 
37.    McALL, Malcolm 
38.    FORD, Chris 
39.    HUNT, Reuben


05/25/2014 – 11:23


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