Kamlaris’ movement in Nepal

Dear Friends,

We on behalf of Nepali Greens Party, would like to kindly inform all of you that Kamlaris have been sitting-in protest in different parts of the capital to practically abolish the kamlari system, to punish the guilty involved in the murder of 12 year old Srijana Choudhari, provide young Kamlari girls with scholarships and set up a separate fund for their welfare.

Under the Kamalari system, thousands of young women have been tortured; many have simply disappeared, a few even found dead under mysterious circumstances. Although the country outlawed the Kamaiya (indentured labor) system as far back as 2000—with the final Supreme Court ruling against the Kamalari system in 2006—thousands of women continue to be exploited. Thousands more await justice even after being freed.Despite legal provisions, the Kamlari system is far from being abolished.

Despite the heavy rain, they are continuing their protest program. Some of the Kamlaris have become sick due to the rain but they have not moved backwards from their struggle. They have declared that they will go for hunger strike if their demands are not fulfilled by the state.

We would like to request everyone to take part in the protest programs of Kamlaris to exert strong pressure on the government in order to fulfill the demands of Kamlaris.

For further information, We would like to ask all of you to go throughfollowing links:

We Nepali Greens Party, would like to thank you in advance for joiningthe struggle of Kamlaris.

At the same time, we would also like to request you to forward thisemail appeal to your networks so that more and more people willactively take part in this movement.


Mr.Chiran Bhandary (Co-spokesperson), Nepali Greens Party

Email: [email protected]nepali [email protected]

P.O.Box 7403, Kathmandu, Nepal

06/04/2013 – 00:00


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