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Over 450 participants from 70 countries are meeting in Dakar, Senegal, for Dakar 2012 ( , 29th March – 1st April), the first ever Global Green Congress hosted in Africa.

Green parties representatives and world-known political leaders are gathering to discuss the global political model based on green economy, green jobs, democratic values, social justice and the future of the Green party movement.

“In recent days, with the presidential elections, Senegal has been the focus of events that will likely lead to historic changes,” said Haider El Ali, president of the Green Party of Senegal.

“The country has seen the success of democracy with the recent presidential elections. Now we have the opportunity to show the depth of Senegalese democracy with the parliamentary elections in June. It must bring hope to all people who believe in democracy, in inclusive democracy, and it is a timely demonstration of the very ideals we, the Global Green party movement, hold close to our very identity.”

Key topics on the Dakar 2012 agenda are the development of green sustainable economic policies and the creation of green jobs, climate change and energy in view of the Rio+20 Summit this summer, the protection and conservation of biodiversity, green politics and the future of the Global Greens, as well as democratic values, which are at the heart of green policies. In particular, the issue of recent developments such as the Arab Spring, democracy in Africa and reinforcing democracy will be addressed during Friday and Saturday dedicated sessions.

“Africa is becoming an engine for change that is both sustainable and green,” said Frank Habineza, founder and chairman  of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and president of the African Green Federation.

“Our movement has been uplifted by inspiration that has come from across the world. The Arab Spring, in particular, has been an open call for fundamental change in politics and society. Today, entrepreneurial, sustainable development is a recognized value, and we have been able to see inspiration come both from Africa and the rest of the world. This recent history represents the values and themes we will discuss throughout the Global Green Congress.”

World-known political leaders will be participating in the four-days debates. Among others:

  • Haidar el Ali, president of the Green Party of West Africa
  • Frank Habineza, founder and chairman of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda.
  • Dorothy Tekwie, national president for the Papua New Guinea Greens
  • Senator Bob Brown, party leader of Australian Greens
  • Keli Yen, coordinator of the Asian Pacific Federation
  • Monica Frassoni, Co-Chair, European Green Party (EGP)
  • Claudia Roth, co-chair of the German Green Party
  • Cecile Duflot, Party Secretary, Europe Écologie Les Verts (EELV)

Dakar 2012 is the third Global Greens Congress since the establishment of the first green parties forty years ago, and it marks the 20th anniversary of the first international green meeting organized during the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992.

The Congress is hosted at the Centre aérée de la BCEAO, Yoff, Dakar. Organised by the Global Greens in cooperation with the African Greens and FEDES (Fédération Démocratique des Ecologistes du Sénégal), and with the support of 60 volunteers, Dakar2012 comprises the Global Greens Congress, the Global Young Greens Congress, Rio+20 NGOs Forum and dedicated side meetings of the Green Federations from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

You can watch the livestream of the event at

Twitter: #Dakar and #kebetu

03/29/2012 – 12:00


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