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Call for Dialogue on Korean Peninsula Peace

Call for dialogue among countries participating in the escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula.

The Green Parties of South Korea, Taiwan and Japan call for unconditional dialogue among countries responsable for the escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula, in recognition that war has devastating impacts for all earthly inhabitants, and that nonviolence and sustainability are core values for both Greens and peace-loving nations alike.

Green Parties around the world stand for nonviolence, respect for diversity, participatory democracy, social justice, sustainability and ecological wisdom as basic necessary elements for long-lasting peace. The Greens therefore oppose the proliferation of nuclear weapons and power plants; and instead the Greens promote nuclear disarmament beginning with full respect for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.

The Greens call for all parties to the tension on the Korean Peninsula, specifically urging the United States, South Korea and Japan who have a responsibility in both the increase and decrease of tension, to cease conflict-inducing behavior and to engage in a trust and peace building process immediately.

April 16, 2013

Green Party Korea

Green Party Taiwan

Greens Japan

04/16/2013 – 17:00


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