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Brand new style of “Election Festival” on 14th July in Shibuya, Japan

Greens Japan (co-representative, Nao Suguro) fields 10 candidates for the Upper House election. The voting day will be 21st July. One of our candidates Yohei Miyake is contesting this election with his unique and new style of “Election Festival” like a summer music festival. He makes political speech with high quality music and young people love this!

He keeps his usual style as a musician and utilizes his network. His professional friends are musicians, designers, and owners of live houses around Japan are supporting Miyake’s Election Festival and now taking place more than 20 places from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

His main aim is to mobilize more younger generation (20~30’s) to the polling station because the voting rate of this generation is a low 35~45% compared to other generations. If the younger generation’s voting rate increased, the result of the election would change dramatically.

At the Election Festival in Shibuya on 6th July, more than 6,000 people gathered and enjoyed it! This is a brand new political movement and first-ever phenomenon in Japan!

Moreover, the music live images are forwarded by thousands of people by internet and one of the footage was seen by more than 60,000 times! Please check out the schedule of the Election Festival, and come to being a witness of the new legend of Japanese politics.

Election Festival, digest images http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQYH_fMthvQ

【Election Festival@Shibuya/Schedules】
Dates:14th July 2013 Sun, 20th July 2013 Sat 14:00〜20:00
Venue:Shibya JR station Hachiko statue
※Taro Yamamoto and other Green candidates will participate.
Guests:Shokichi Kina(on 14th),TEX&SFS,SORA

Other Event:NO MORE FUCKIN’ NUKES 2013
Dates:14th July 2013 Sun, http://smash-jpn.com/live/?id=1975
Venue:Shibuya AX ※Youhei Miyake will appear at 18:45~18:55.
Guests:NAMBA69,Sambo Master,Soul Flower Acoustic Partisan

Public Relations: Masaya Koriyama (080-5184-2095) [email protected] <事務局 > 〒166-0003 東京都杉並区高円寺南 4-7-1藤和シティコープ春木屋ビル 202.  Tel:03-6454-6068 Fax:03-3318-6063.  Email:[email protected] HP:http://greens.gr.jp

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