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August APGFWN Webinar: Developing an election campaign – Developing a strategy and plan and implementing it

August Webinar:  Developing an election campaign – Developing a strategy and plan and implementing it

Date and Time: Thursday, August 5th , 2021: 6 am UTC

Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUpcOivqTMsEtwgWkvSBFXrN_yjoTQxdVMh


NADA ZAAROUR, is the Co-founder and former President (2011-2018) of the Green party of Lebanon. She  is currently president of the Arbitration Council Green Party.  She is also a board member of CAN (Climate Action Network) Arab World since (2017). Nada is Co-founder and president of the Green Mind NGO,  established by a group of Lebanese professionals seeking to inspire and promote sustainable social and economic practices throughout the Middle East and North Africa. She stood as an Election Candidate for the Municipal (local government) election 2010, and for the national parliamentary elections in 2013 and 2018.

Nada will present the August webinar on how to Develop and Run an  Election Campaign – developing an overall plan,  strategies, and implementing your campaign. She will incorporate the discussion on the Election  Strategy, Candidates Selection , Organising Election Campaigns , Voter contact, and Digital Presence.

Green Parties around the world have a history of going up against political adversaries with far more  resources than ourselves,leading us to prioritise  grassroots organising, digital campaigning, direct voter contact and other low-cost tactics. In place of the kind of financial resources that our opponents bring to bear, we substitute large-scale volunteer recruitment, which places huge demands on the central team unless it is scaled up in a sustainable way.

06/11/2021 – 18:06


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