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April 5 2011 Updates on the UNFCC BKK Intercessional (on Mitigation)

Sharing herewith a report from a Filipino colleague covering the ongoing
UNFCC Intercessional meeting in Bangkok. These updates are on mitigation:

“Half-way through the intersessional, main concerns about mitigation are:

1) there is a huge gap between the current pledges and efforts as presented by developed countries last Sunday and what is needed as identified by science; and that this remains unaddressed; formal and informal negotiations are on-going to include and articulate the same in the agenda and work programme that are supposed to be defined in this intersessional;

2) that in the particular case of Japan, the nuclear crisis would affect its capacity to meet and more so commit deeper cuts; and that if the negotiations would lead to agreements to phase out nuclear, it may just boost fossil fuels and therefore carbon emissions;

3) how to address the still unsupported mitigation efforts of developing countries; and,

4) the legal form questions (Kyoto plus where some big developing countries may be included, two-track, etc).”

Monday Mitigation


Roy, PK

04/05/2011 – 12:00


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