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APGN Email Protocol Guidelines


The APGN-Forum is the official email list of the Asia-Pacific Green Network. Its purpose is promote communication between Greens in the Asia-Pacific region, for the purpose of building strong and effective Green Parties and for advancing Green issues in the region.

The primary language of this email list is English. However many languages are spoken in the Asia-Pacific Region and many people who do not speak English as a primary language. Therefore, list participants are asked to make a good faith effort to make their postings understood to others. Where relevant to the languages involved, use of web-based translation websites like babelfish.yahoo.com or translate.google.com may be helpful.


The APGN encourages the free and rigorous expression of opinion. It recognises that a free and fearless exchange of views is essential to the formulation of a healthy and responsive political platform. However the APGN also recognises that some forms of debate can be damaging to the group or to the APGN as a whole, and to prevent this the following protocol has been developed. The APGN requires all users of our email lists to observe these guidelines. They are based on the safe meeting procedures already established in Greens processes, documented on page 20 of the APGN 2010 Congress Manual.

1. Inappropriate Content (spam)

The purpose of all APGN lists is to advance the Green agenda and to strengthen the APGN. The following content is not appropriate for APGN email lists.

  • Personal communications to individual list members and/or postings about items of personal interest, should be done off-list.
  • Invitations to social networking on the wider list sites are also discouraged.
  • Commercial advertising and promotion.

2. Inappropriate Tone

Personal disputes are to be kept off the email list. When using email please refrain from writing or forwarding material that contains:

  • Personal attack or vilification of people or groups.
  •  Abusive or offensive language.
  • Excessive use of aggressive language, rhetoric or polemic.
  • False, malicious, vindictive or vexatious statements.
  • Inappropriate format. PLEASE DO NOT SHOUT!!!!!

3. Excessive Volume

  • Please do not to reply to the email list if you want to make a brief reply of acknowledgement to the poster of a message or send a help message clearly meant for the poster as an individual, not for the group.
  • Please do not to post the same messages repeatedly.
  • Please generally treat this list with care and respect.

Members who frequently send emails contrary to these guidelines will be so notified and requested to follow the protocol. Members who continue to breach the protocol after such notification may be suspended or removed from the list.

02/17/2012 – 13:00


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