APGF Statement on Violence in Palestine and Israel

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation condemns Israel’s indiscriminate bombing campaign against the Palestinian people, which has already left at least 109 dead in Gaza, including at least 27 children. We call upon the Israeli Government to cease its military escalation, attacks, and ground invasion, which result only in more bloodshed and endless cycles of reprisals.

We further call upon Hamas and its leadership to cease and renounce the use of violence, and note that such actions are incompatible with creating a just and lasting peace in the region.

APGF joins with our Palestinian brothers and sisters in mourning the senseless, criminal killing of family members and loved ones. We join with peace-loving people everywhere to demand the Israeli Government immediately cease their slaughter of innocent civilians, compensate and make reparations to those injured and the families of those killed, and work with the Palestinian people towards a just and sustainable peace.

APGF supports the right of all people to peacefully protest oppression. The planned forcible eviction of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem to clear the area for Zionist settlement expansion is reprehensible and should be condemned. We strongly denounce Israel’s policy of colonisation and dispossession of Palestinian lands and property, as we so too denounce the violence championed by Hamas leaders in response to the Israeli military’s bombing campaign.

We believe that the Israeli Government has violated both International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law through their bombing campaign in Gaza. Their actions have violated at least four fundamental principles of International Humanitarian Law:

  • The distinction between civilians and combatants.
  • The prohibition to attack those not directly engaged in hostilities
  • The prohibition to inflict unnecessary suffering.
  • The principle of proportionality.

Violations of International Humanitarian Law are an affront to the conscience of humankind, and must be prosecuted. We call upon all countries, regional, and international organisations to condemn the Israeli Government’s violations of law and to prosecute those responsible for their reprehensible acts.

APGF stands with those in Palestine, in Israel, and around the world calling for an end to these abhorrent hostilities, which serve only to plunge the region into further conflict and destruction. Our hearts are with those whose voices and lives are being cut short by violence. Political gain should never be paid for with innocent blood.

Authorised by Tika Bhandari, APGF Convenor, on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation

05/14/2021 – 10:33


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