APGF statement on Russia-Ukraine escalation

The Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) today expressed concern about escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and called upon all parties to find a lasting peaceful solution through collaborative diplomatic efforts.

The APGF urges a non-violent response, with a focus on human rights and due consideration of the environmental destruction caused by war including biodiversity loss and climate change. War in this region would be devastating and cause loss and violation of people and the environment – we must evolve beyond neo-imperialism and military expansionism to focus on climate action.

The APGF calls upon all stakeholders to make efforts to ensure that the situation does not escalate to a military response. We appeal to those countries who produce arms to review their own role in facilitating conflicts of this kind and encourage investment of those funds and resources in developing and supporting sustainable green solutions. All governments should respect and advocate for the democratic institutions and civil society organisations of Ukraine and its neighbouring countries.

Governments must take action to support, advocate for and respect smaller countries with less power, and to amplify two voices only: one for human rights, and another for the earth. We cannot go back to past mistakes and are alarmed that what is happening in the Ukraine harks of an era gone by. We must make different choices going forward into the future which focus on more collaborative geopolitics to facilitate use of renewable energy and reduce our carbon footprint. We must move beyond individualistic profit motivated conflict and work together to protect our planet for now and future generations of the world.

– Authorised by Ayah Abdouny and Tika Bhandari, APGF co-Convenors, on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation


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