APGF Statement on Beirut Explosion

The Asia Pacific Greens Federation is shocked and saddened to learn of last night’s explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Our hearts are with those who have lost loved ones, who have been injured and traumatised, and whose lives will never be the same. We applaud the efforts of first responders and front-line workers, whose courage and skill is an inspiration to all of us. May you have all of the strength your humanity deserves.

We join the calls of our brothers and sisters for answers on how this tragedy was allowed to unfold, and what steps will be taken to ensure such a catastrophe does not happen again. We mourn the loss of life of those who were taken too soon, and for those who may never fully recover, both physically and mentally. May we meet the pain inflicted upon you with resolute determination to never see such devastation again.

On behalf of APGF,
Snigdha Tiwari and Tika Dhoj Bhandari
co-Convenors, Asia Pacific Greens Federation

08/05/2020 – 15:14


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