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APGF calls for real peace and reconciliation in Gaza

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) wholly condemns the violence between Israel and Gaza and appeals to both the local and international communities to do whatever it takes to achieve sustainable peace and reconciliation.

This war affects the entire world.  On average, Israel has killed a child in Gaza every hour, for days, in addition to countless innocent civilians; this is utterly inexcusable, unconsciable and must stop now. (1)  Israel has trapped Gazans with their rules, walls and military might which have made no place in Gaza safe, as shown by Israel’s airstrikes on schools, hospitals and UN safe houses.

Israel has broken international law in the opinion of most jurists. Each warring side has its responsibilies, has committed crimes against innocents, and both require condemnation; yet the huge asymmetry in casualties would be a factor in legal judgement of state responsibility or individual leadership liability under international criminal law. (2)

The APGF recognizes that we are all stakeholders of this conflict and calls on individuals and governments of the world to use their personal and collective influence to be exemplars of nonviolence in their actions, thoughts, and words.

Specifically, the international community can help break the cycle of retribution and poverty by helping Gazans rebuild their social and enconomic infrastructures destroyed by this war and the illegal blockade imposed by Israel.  For seven years the blockade has driven mass unemployment and desperation in Gaza, depriving residents of the ability to rebuild their society, accessing sufficient food, healthcare, education, fuel, clean water and sanitation.  The international community must hold Israel to its legal responsibility to the welfare of the inhabitants of Gaza; including compensation for those who have lost their sources of livelihood.  This reconstruction is necessary to achieve real peace and renconciliation.

The APGF calls on the warring parties to recognize that violence begets violence, that it does not achieve self-protection but instead keeps one locked in perpetual war.  An immediate and sustainable ceasefire would be the first step in the right direction.

Peace will then require leadership’s diplomatic prowess to win for their people genuine well-being.

Peace is in the hands of each individual to lead by good example, to be the first to change one’s mindset, to be the first to open our heart to forgive and to show others that peace is possible.  That is the greatest act of leadership, courage and strength.  

We, the global and local community must break this senseless cycle of violence and choose to be the best part of being human – our ability to love.



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3. See Green Parties statements on Gaza: https://www.asiapacificgreens.org/tags/palestine

08/08/2014 – 12:42


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