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Today, 8th March 2024 the International Women’s Day, Palestinian women are living through inhumane violations that fundamentally challenge the core values of human rights, gender equality, equity and feminism. The pivotal ruling of the International Court of Justice to protect those living in Gaza from genocide must be enforced. We cannot just sit by and watch the news, social media coverage and do nothing to protect those living in Gaza from genocide.  Palestinian women are counting on women around the world to amplify their voices, right now! Let us act now!

Today, APGF Women call on all Women, especially women’s organizations, for immediate actions and protections for the Palestinian Women, Children, People and their Lands.  We must not look away, nor stop marching, taking to the streets, protesting, writing letters, lobbying our governments, fundraising, posting on social media, advocating, championing, campaigning and platforming Palestinian women.  They are all entitled to live in safety and free of violence.  We must act now for the people of Gaza to access immediate aid and humanitarian support.  We have to act now!

Today, APGF Women urgently call for an immediate ceasefire so that Palestinian women, men, and children can access food, water, medical supplies and shelter.  As of last week, the genocidal attacks by the Israeli government have killed 29,410 Palestinians, including at least 9,000 Women and 13,000 children.  Additionally, nearly 70,000 Palestinians have been injured, with more than 70% of the wounded being women and children; and over 7,000 are still missing. Palestinian women have endured 75 years of the most barbaric massacres, and we call on world leaders to #stopthegenocide happening today!

Today, and as of May 2008, more than 9,000 Palestinians political prisoners are still in Israeli prisons, detention facilities and camps.  About 100 of them are women, mothers with their children, and 300+ minors. Under administrative detention, there are 6,000 sentenced prisoners, about 3,000 detainees. They are tried unfairly in military courts and illegally imprisoned. Humanitarian agencies’ have reported multiple forms of degradation including sexual assault, rape and sexual violence and being threatened with violations. Many have been subjected to inhuman treatment, severely beaten, denied menstrual pads, food and medicine. Allegations have surfaced about women caged in the rain and cold without food; and internet uploads evidence these atrocities. Palestinian women are being punished for their key activism in politically and socially resisting the Israeli occupation. This is absolutely unacceptable! Release all Palestinian prisoners and illegal detainees!

Today, APGF Parents note that at least 17,000 children are unaccompanied, separated from immediate family and most are displaced! One percent of the overall population of 1.7million people are dispossessed and disenfranchised in their own country! Children are raising children! The increasing numbers of “children orphaned without families” – this has to stop! APGF welcomes the ICJ’s provisional ruling that Israel must respond to allegations of genocide in Gaza and the West Bank, and that all state parties to the Genocide Convention are legally bound to prevent genocide #actnowforPalestine!

Today, APGF Grandparents note whole generations, including households and family lines, extinguished and decimated! Israel must be held accountable for the egregious crimes they have committed. We also need to end the perpetual impunity Israel has held in killing at will! We are witnessing utterly disgraceful disregard for human life.  APGF holds all countries responsible for sending weapons and ammunition to the blue and white territories, #defundnow!

Today, APGFWN Members condemn the targeting of hospitals, medical supplies, equipment, medical staff, which are clear breaches of international guidelines and laws.  We condemn the bombing medical facilities/hospitals, as well as endangering the lives of medical personnel, patients, and civilians seeking refuge within their compounds.  Further, we lament their unlawful detainment of bodies, theft of organs, mistreatment and disappearance of bodies, and mass graves of Palestinian men, women and children.    We call on all State Members to hold Israel and its administration to account and prosecute them for crimes of war!

Today, APGF Members condemn the nations who remain silent about the massacres in Gaza and the West Bank.  We also criticize the decision of noted governments to freeze funding to the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA). The humanitarian crisis has increased beyond comprehension. We urgently call on all these countries to unfreeze funding to UNRWA and increase funds to this agency immediately!

Today, APGF Members lament the devastating impact of the occupation and occupiers that has caused environmental degradation and loss of livelihoods in the occupied territories. Israel has failed to comply with any of the obligations following the ICJ decision.  Lack of water and sanitation is causing people to drink sewage water. Palestinians in Gaza are also sleeping outdoors as many of the buildings have been destroyed. Palestinians are facing chronic hunger, malnutrition and starvation. We call for the immediate restoration of water infrastructure, and the opening of borders for aid convoys to prevent starvation. Act now for immediate permanent ceasefire and all aid to reach Gaza and the West Bank!


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