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We Stand in Solidarity for Democracy: a Global Greens statement

Credit: Michael Mandiberg
Credit: Michael Mandiberg

Democracy is a core value of Green politics.  The Global Greens stands in solidarity with all people who seek to attain and preserve the fundamental human rights which are ingrained in democracy.

We are living at a pivotal moment globally:

In Belarus citizens across the country are standing up demanding honest elections, in face of the state’s brutal repression.  

In Lebanon the people rise up from the destruction of life and city, to demand the end of political corruption and the start of genuine democratic accountability.

In Hong Kong, basic rights of expression, assembly and democracy are being violently repressed by the state.  Despite the risk of persecution, common people continue to defend their human rights and self-determination.

In Africa, citizens and politicians are reduced to silence, arrested and even killed for expressing their discontent with COVID-19 measures and opposition to rigged elections, and yet the people persevere against the state’s abuse of power.

In the Americas, many nations have long faced democratic crises fuelled by a notable increase in authoritarian politics. Added to this is the centennial violation of the rights of the original peoples, the continuous depredation of the continent's mega-diversity - the Amazon being a symbolic example of its importance - and the constant persecution and murder of the defenders of nature and human rights.

The Greens are in solidarity with all who stand for democracy and our universal human rights.  Your struggle is our struggle.  We are united as a global family with a shared future and aspirations for sustainability.  We join with you in your fight and we send you a message of determination, hope and self-belief!

Credit: Michael Mandiberg

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