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Regarded as an ancient civilization, India is an emerging economy and a developing country. India is sitting on the horns of dilemma; whether to follow the ecologically harassing, popular development model or an ecologically wise sustainable one.

For a country its size and population, Indian politics has been really slow in acknowledging the need for a Green crusade. It still hasn’t but the Green voices in the country are getting stronger. Headquartered in one of the most polluted cities and the national capital in New Delhi, the India Greens Party was formally registered with the Election Commission of India in July, 2019.

The founding President of the IGP, Suresh Nautiyal is no stranger to Green politics. Suresh believes that the only way is to present a green political alternative to the people of India and to the world. Suresh is a journalist and has recently quit his day job to devote himself completely to India Greens Party.

The IGP Secretary General Raza Haider is a media practitioner and award winning film maker with more than 30 years of activism and advocacy behind him. Raza is the designer of Narinama – the story of gender justice, an ongoing campaign for gender equity throughout India.

Through its International Secretary Divya Gaur, IGP is reaching out to the Green parties around the world. Divya is an archeologist by qualification, a change management consultant by experience and a traveler - toy maker at heart. Handmade wooden toys, 100% biodegradable with food grade colors is what she makes for a living after quitting her corporate career.

Divya Gaur

[email protected]

+91 9811422470

Skype: gaurdivya

Facebook: /gaudivya


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