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The Green Wave across Europe will come to East Asia


The European Parliament election, which lasted from 23rd to 26th in May, is over. Although the ballot-counting is still underway, European Greens are expected to gain 18 extra compared to their existing 52 seats, which will lead to a total of 70 seats

In the case of Germany in particular, the Green party has emerged as the second largest party with 22 percent of the vote, following the ruling coalition of the Christian democratic and Christian socialist parties (CDU/CSU). In France, too, the green party is expected to win more than 12 percent of the vote.

The increase in support for Green parties in the European Parliament election is being analyzed to be due to a great impact of climate change. Green parties have led the way to denuclearization in many countries including Germany, and offered alternatives to the problem of climate change. It has been Green party’s consistent position that only a fundamental change in energy, food, transportation, and industrial structures that had relied on fossil fuels can solve climate change and create new jobs, too. The Green party’s claim is already becoming reality in many countries and regions of Europe.

The Green party is also a political party that has made pioneering efforts to realize gender equality such as introduction of quota system for women. The green party has also expanded youth participation in politics through young Greens. It has also maintained a consistent policy to guarantee the human rights of sexual minorities, refugees, and others.

It is not in Europe alone that the political forces of Green party are needed. East Asia, where greenhouse gases are emitted, fine dusts are made in enormous amount, and nuclear power plants are concentrated, is a place where Green party should play an essential role.

With the exception of Australia and New Zealand, the Republic of Korea has the largest number of Green party members in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, Green Party Korea has been active since its establishment in 2012, and in recognition of its activities, it has been chosen to host Global Greens Congress in 2021. More than one thousand Green politicians and party members from around the world including Europe will come to Korea to discuss global issues such as climate change.

In 2020 general election, Green Party Korea will present comprehensive measures to the problems of climate change and fine dusts, along with its existing policy alternatives such as denuclearization, basic income, and animal rights, and propose alternatives to overcome discrimination and inequality, so that it can make the Green Wave across Europe come into East Asia. Now it is time for the Green party to play an essential role. 

May 27, 2019

Green Party Korea


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