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Join German Green Member of the European Parliament Mr Reinhard Bütikofer who is hosting a webinar "What's next for Hong Kong? The future of Hong Kong's fight for democracy." Mr Bütikofer has invited two prominent Hong Kong democrats to discuss the developments: Martin Lee, an 81-year old barrister, who was deeply involved in formulating Hong Kong's Basic Law and has been dubbed the "Father of Hong Kong Democracy" and Alan Leong, also a barrister, as well as a candidate for the Chief Executive... Leer más
More than ever, people in Europe and everywhere understand that with solidarity and cooperation we can over-come the COVID-19 crisis. Together, we can make another European and global future, one that is more socially, economically and environmentally resilient. The question to all of us is: what world do we want to return to? Read on for the European Greens Recovery Paper. Read more here - Leer más
On March 17, 2020, the self-proclaimed administration of the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova declared state of emergency and imposed drastic quarantine related to COVID-19 throughout the illegally occupied territory. Since the establishment of the state of emergency, the Tiraspol separatist authorities are permanently restricting the rights of the people in the region. As a result of these restrictions, citizens from the villages under the jurisdiction of legal authorities from... Leer más
During 2020 we aim to spread our #OrgulloVerde (#EcoPride) philosophy nationwide for environmental protection . To achieve this goal, our elected councilors are advocating agreements for the prohibition of single-use plastics in public procurement. Leer más
Senator for Australian Greens - The many facets of being a woman parliamentarianSenator Mehreen Faruqi Webinar Date: 4th June, 2020 6 am UTCDr Mehreen Faruqi is the Senator in the Australian parliament representing the state of New South Wales. The first Muslim woman elected to any Australian parliament, Senator Faruqi is a career engineer and life-long activist for social and environmental justice.Since emigrating from Pakistan in 1992 and completing her doctorate at the University of New... Leer más
¡Santurbán no se toca! La empresa Minesa solicitó una licencia ambiental para hacer explotación minera de oro en el Páramo de Santurbán durante 25 años y, nosotros, como Partido Alianza Verde de Colombia, vamos a alzar nuestras voces el 16 de marzo para evitar que dañen un ecosistema que puede capturar 25.948.600 toneladas de CO2 al año. Leer más
Ecological destruction and factory farming: The development of the coronavirus can be attributed to climate change, indiscriminate exploitation of wild animals, and loss of habitats due to aggressive construction and development, which caused the habitats of humans to coincide with that of bats. The shift to a single species to increase production has formed a condition that is vulnerable to the spread of infectious diseases. Together, ecological destruction and close breeding in factory farms... Leer más
The global response to COVID-19 has highlighted the fundamental role of government to ensure health and safety. It is incumbent upon governments to ensure that all people, and especially the most marginalized, have an equitable chance of survival and support. Leer más
The African Greens Federation (AGF)The African Greens Federation (AGF) is very concerned about the Covid19 pandemic which is ravaging the whole world.  Most affected have been Italy and most of the European countries. This is disturbing to AGF as a continental grouping. Already scores of lives have been and trillions of dollars have been lost as several countries implement measures to contain the spread of the virus. In Africa, 46 countries are directly infected with this virus to varying... Leer más
The Federation of Green Parties of the Americas (FPVA)The Green Parties of the Americas are deeply concerned with the well-being and health of their peoples and nations. If the spread of COVID-19 already represents an unprecedented challenge for the world's industrialized economies; for the emerging and developing nations of Latin America constitutes a threat that could well set the clock back in decades of progress and development, a real catastrophe.Many of the nations that make up the... Leer más
La presidenta del Partido Verde de Argentina, Silvia Vazquez fue designada como directora de Asuntos Ambientales del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio Internacional y Culto de la Nación Argentina. Silvia Vazquez, presidenta y fundadora del Partido Verde de la República Argentina asumió la dirección de Asuntos Ambientales del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio Internacional y Culto. Leer más
EL PARTIDO VERDE ECOLOGISTA DE BOLIVIA , es una organización política, social, de defensa de la ecología, el medio ambiente y la biodiversidad. Esto solo es posible en la medida de que como hombres y mujeres comprometidos admitamos la necesidad de incorporarnos al mundo donde el logro de una calidad de vida y el ejercicio de los derechos sea la meta construida en el reconocimiento de la unidad y la pluralidad, organizada a través de las interacciones e incluso de los antagonismos, hoy más que... Leer más
Rarely before has a crisis of such scale impacted so many, in such a short time, across our planet. This is an unprecedented challenge to our societies, which humanity must face together. Solidarity and ambitious cooperation, not nationalism or egoism, will ensure we come out of this crisis stronger and wiser. We must leave no one behind and face this together with open hearts. Leer más
Nine years ago a 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami triggered a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima. The quake and tsunami left more than 18,000 people dead and destroyed homes and businesses. 160,000+ people had to flee and there are still 40,000 people unable to return home due to radiation contamination.Greens Japan released this statement on the anniversary of Fukushima. They highlight issues that the media is not fully covering.  They explain how the Abe Administration is pushing to restart... Leer más
On behalf of APGF members, Co-conveners Mr. Tika Dhoj Bhandari and Ms. Snighda Tiwari expressed their sympathy, support and solidarity to the Australian Greens and Leader of the Australian Greens, Mr Richard Di Natale. Leer más
A beautiful letter of support and condolences for the Australian bushfires from the Leader of the Nepali Greens to the Leader of the Australian Greens. Leer más
PRESS RELEASE Brussels 15 December 2019 Following two weeks of negotiations the 25th UN climate conference (COP25) in Madrid came to a close on Sunday morning. The new co-chairs of the European Green Party both attended the conference, and said the following upon its conclusion: "The insufficient climate policies from around the world do not even come close to the ambition needed to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. This must lead to consequences with regards to the trade talks that the... Leer más
This media brief is compiled from major international English-language news sources. It's designed to provide a snapshot of the major themes in coverage of the COP25, and is not comprehensive. -- Research Unit, Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC) The GSCC is a global network of communications professionals in the field of climate and energy Leer más
Aprovechamos esta significativa ocasión para dar todo nuestro apoyo a los Verdes de Argentina cuyas capacidades, aplicadas a la conducción del Ministerio del Ambiente, serán un claro mensaje de su gobierno a nivel internacional sobre su convicción ambiental. Leer más
Chile’s Partido Ecologista Verde explains the social unrest in Chile and their conviction to address the government’s abuses and the climate crisis. Leer más


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