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Davos: Mindfulness, Hotspots, and Sleepwalkers

I just returned from the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. I came away with three observations: mindfulness is approaching a tipping point; human energy hotspots are the real attractor; and collective sleepwalkers remain dominant.


Slowly, Asia’s Factories Begin to Turn Green

JAN. 7, 2014, New York Times


Harrison Owen Interview: Inviting Flow and Self Organization

To some, Open Space Technology is a method for organizing meetings or facilitating groups. However, to the vast community of Open Space practitioners, Open Space is a way of life. It’s a philosophical perspective about how the world works, how humans organize, and a method for making visible some of the invisible laws of life and nature. We interviewed Harrison Owen, the founder of Open Space to learn his views on self-organization, structure, invitation and even grief.


Why shale gas won't conquer Britain

JAN. 14, 2014, New York Times


WikiLeaks, Drought and Syria


Youth in Politics - Way Ahead

From being perceived as irresponsible and reckless to being called the strength of the nation, the youth of Nepal have come a very long way. To change the system, you have to be in the system. An unanswered question for the past few years is still a million dollar question to be answered. Some serious steps should be taken to bring youth out on the floor of mainstream politics. For now, one can only hope that during the next elections, more youth will vote, more will got elected and less will say, “How does it even matter? It’s not going to make a difference to me.” Because it does, it really does matter.

Great Green Entrepreneurial ideas

Here are some Great Green Entrepreneurial ideas and initiatives from around the world.  Hope it inspires you to build upon their ingenuity and perhaps create your own!  These articles are also posted on the Green Entrepreneurialism Forum page.


Nepal Youth Participation in Second Constituent Assembly Election

Nepal is currently undergoing extraordinarily challenging circumstances – a de-escalating national conflict, lack of security, unusual price hikes, massive human rights abuses, large number of internally displaced people, civil society organisations working under pressure and vulnerable to extortion and threats, students and youth taking up violent protests and the second Constituent Assembly (CA) election hot on the anvil. Educating youth about the democratic processes and their rights and duties in a democracy is the first and critical step in creating a culture of democracy through the promotion of democratic behavior and values among the young citizens. Ensuring youth participation and representation in the upcoming Constituent Assembly to actively document the voice of the youth will be an opportunity to prove the democratic exercise. This will have huge benefits as it will ensure the sense of ownership of the final constitution to be promulgated, by the youth.

A Way of Life Is Ending. Thank Goodness.

IMAGINE having to pick just one of your children to save, while leaving the others to face death.


Leading From the Emerging Future 「 從顯現的未來開展領導力」

Theory U authors Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer recently published the book “Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies” offering a framework for understanding the underlying causes of the economic, social and spiritual-cultural crises of our time as well as offering methods for changing them into an economy for well-being.

At the outset of the book Otto and Katrin pose three questions:



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