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Our region has a problem.
Will you help us solve it?

We have a problem.

Across the Asia-Pacific there are thousands of leaders, activists, and people like you pushing for a fairer and more sustainable future. The challenges we face, like climate change, inequality, and the destruction of biodiversity are huge, and we are running out of time.

But often, these activists and movements aren’t connected. The voices calling for change may be heard in their communities, but it is too easy for governments and the multinational companies destroying our future to say that these are isolated issues. That most people don’t care. That these aren’t global problems. That our voices don’t really matter.

They are wrong. And that’s where you come in.

Help us strengthen their voices.

The Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) is about connecting activists and the movement across our region, raising our shared voices to create a better future. We bring people together, from the Solomon Islands to Lebanon, Mongolia to Australia. We make these connections that give the Green movement global power. We make your voice, and the voices of thousands of people like you, heard on a global scale.

You see, we know that the problems we face are global and inter-connected, and so are the solutions. Coal mined in Australia is shipped to Japan, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and around the world, and the politicians say it’s not their problem – that it’s the responsibility of the importing countries. Governments across the Indo-Pacific say they can’t possibly increase minimum wages or worker protections, because the rich countries will just go somewhere else. Waste is shipped from one country to another, putting yet more pollution into the air, water and land and dumped into countries least able to protect its people and environment from its dangerous effects. 

Why? Because it’s cheap, and a small number of people can make huge amounts of money, at the expense of the rest of us and the planet.

We believe that a different future is possible, and that bringing people together will make it happen. Why?

Because together, we are powerful.

Those same countries – Australia, Japan, India, South Korea, and Taiwan – have strong and growing Green movements who are sick of their future being sold to the highest bidder on the coal markets. The workers in Bangladesh and the Philippines, whose exploitation fills the stores of New Zealand, Australia, and other countries around the world, are gaining strong leadership from their emerging Green movements and their allies in Green parties around the world. Waste and pollution activists from the Global North and South are joining together to demand change and accountability. 

How? Because APGF, our members, our partners, and our allies are bringing the voices of activists together to demand change.

We need your help to spread our message and build our capacity to deliver for our activists. 

But we have a problem. Will you help us solve it?

Our entire organisation runs on a budget of around KRW 100 million. That’s less than POSCO’s CEO “earns” in 3 weeks. Less than 0.00006% of the company’s profits in just 3 months this year. And they are just one company. 

But we have something more powerful: YOU, and the thousands of people like you across our region and the globe campaigning for a more sustainable and just future. Together, we are powerful. Together, we will win. 

That is why it is so important that we are connected. That is why we are a global movement. That is why we organise across borders to tackle the challenges facing the world. And that is why we need your support.

We do amazing things bringing together leaders, activists, and people like you to create a Greener future. But we need your help to reach our goals. This year we need to raise $20,000 to take the Asia-Pacific Green movement to the next level. But, we can’t do it without you.

We have big plans for the year ahead, and you can be one of our supporters that makes it happen. Your donation can link the next generation of leaders with experts and mentors across continents to win the fights that matter. You have the ability to connect and inspire activists to make change in their communities, their countries, and our world. Your gift brings people together to learn, campaign, and build a better future, for all of us.

Will you be part of the solution?

Thank you for all you do, at home and abroad, to be the change you want to see.

To learn more about the Asia-Pacific Greens and our work, please email me any time at I would love to hear from you, because together, we will win.

Nick Cooper

General Secretary

Asia-Pacific Greens Federation


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