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Congress Resolutions - Dakar 2012

Please note that these resolutions are provisional only pending language improvements.  The Global Greens Congress empowered the Global Green Coordination to undertake this work. Final resolutions will be posted in coming weeks.

Resolution Files Keywords
Future Functioning and Structure of the Global Greens PDF icon A1 Future of the Global Greens.pdf
Ammendments to the political action section of the Global Greens Charter PDF icon A2 GG Charter political action - ammendments at Dakar.pdf Charter
Sustainable management of the world’s oceans, fisheries and marine ecosystems PDF icon B1 Oceans fisheries and marine ecosystems.pdf Oceans, fisheries, marine ecosystems
Climate Change and Energy PDF icon C1 Climate Change and Energy Resolution.pdf Climate change, Energy
On Rio +20 Summit PDF icon E1 Rio +20 Summit.pdf Rio
A Sustainable Economic System PDF icon E2 Global Green Economy resolution.pdf Green Economy
Parliamentarians Association PDF icon A3 Parliamentarians Association.pdf Parliamentarians, MPs, GGPA
Global Indigenous Greens Network PDF icon A5 Indigenous Greens Network.pdf indigenous
Global Greens Local Government and Councillors Network PDF icon A6 Local Government Network.pdf Local Government
French Speaking Environmentalists and Ecologists ahead of Rio+20 PDF icon A7 Network of French Speaking Greens.pdf rio+20, french
Justice for Bhopal PDF icon B2 Justice for Bhopal.pdf
Interlinking of Rivers in India and Elsewhere PDF icon B3 Interlinking of Rivers in India and Elsewhere.pdf Rivers
Water Contamination in West Africa PDF icon B4 Infertility due to mining and hydroelectric dams in West Africa.pdf
Mandatory Ecology Education PDF icon B5 Mandatory Ecology Education.pdf environment, education
Protection of the Amazonia PDF icon B6 Protection of the Amazonia.pdf environment
Sustainable Fishing in Senegal PDF icon B7 Sustainable Fishing in Senegal.pdf Oceans
Compensation for Destruction of Congo Basin PDF icon B8 Compensation for Destruction of Natural Resources in Congo Basin.pdf forests
Toxic Wastes and Ivory Coast PDF icon B9 Toxic Wastes and Ivory Coast.pdf
Nuclear Free World PDF icon C2 A Nuclear Free World.pdf nuclear, Energy, climate
Against Nuclear Energy in the Americas PDF icon C3 Against Nuclear Energy in the Americas.pdf nuclear, Energy
Global Democracy and a UN Parliamentary Assembly PDF icon D1 Global Democracy and a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.pdf
Another Migration Policy: Freedom of Movement PDF icon D2 Towards another Migration Policy - Freedom of Movement.pdf
Support for Nomadic Way of Living PDF icon D3 Support for nomadic way of living.pdf
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples PDF icon D4 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.pdf
Occupy Movement PDF icon D5 Occupy movement.pdf
Conflict in Syria PDF icon D6 Syrian Conflict.pdf
Supporting Human Rights in Tibet PDF icon D7 Supporting human rights in Tibet.pdf
Land Grabbing in Senegal PDF icon D8 Land grabbing in Senegal.pdf
Transitional Justice in Africa PDF icon D9 Transitional Justice in Africa.pdf
Democracy in Uganda PDF icon D10 Uganda.pdf Ecological Party of Uganda, EPU, Uganda
Tunisia PDF icon D11 Tunisia.pdf
Madagascar PDF icon D12 Madagascar.pdf
Mali PDF icon D13 Mali.pdf
Women in North Africa and the Middle East PDF icon D14 Women in North Africa and the Middle East.pdf GGWN, Women
Kenya and Somalia conflict PDF icon D15 Kenya and Somalia Conflict.pdf Kenya
Four issues in Mauritius PDF icon D16 Four issues in Mauritius.pdf
Making ACTA History PDF icon E3 Making ACTA History.pdf
Supporting Cooperatives Globally PDF icon E4 Supporting Cooperatives Globally.pdf
European dimension of the way out of the Greek Crisis PDF icon E5 European Dimension on the way out of the Greek crisis.pdf

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