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WATENABE Sotoko Visits Taichung Nuclear Waste Site: Supports Local Anti- Nuclear Movement

Source: United Daily News (Kaohsiung, Pingdong, Taidong edition) B2 28 June 2011

 Former speaker of the Japan Greeen Party WATENABE Sotoko arrived in Taidong yesterday and went to Nantian Village in Daren Township to support the local anti-nuclear movement < on the left in the photo by YOU Cong-guang>. WATENABE Sotoko stated the opinion that Tokyo Electric and Taipower are the same in that they look at short term profits and induce local agreement to storage facility siting with promised benefits without fully explaining the downsides and accompanying dangers.

This is one of her major concerns.

Taipower's public service station chief SIAO Jin-yi counters this by stating that geological drilling surveys had been conducted in the area by experts and there are no doubts as to the safety of the aras gologic and hydrolic conditions. Also, Taipower has held many public hearings in Daren, and from start to finish there has been neither deception of, nor inducement with benefits of the local people.

Yesterday at 10 am WATENABE Satoko, accompanied by PAN Han-sheng, speaker of the Green Party Taiwan and Robin Winkler, anti-nuclear activist, went to Nan-tian Villiage to visit the proposed nuclear waste site. On arrival, she was greeted with a traditional Paiwan "crossing the fire" ceremony by the Jia-na-cha-wan chief clan of the Nantian Village. Having been welcomed and had the "impurities purged" WATENABE Satoko followed local custom by pouring some liquor as a tribute to the Paiwan spirits while eighty six year old chieftess Bao-Ma-Le-Sih thanked WATENABE for having come such a distance to show concern for the tribe and village.

After seeing the area designated for the the permanent nuclear waste storage site WATENAGE Satoko expressed concern over the extremely fragile geology of the ara and the impossibility of predicting and understanding the kind of disaster that could result from an earthquake. The recent tidal wave in Fukishima was preceded by an earthquake and these led to the nuclear disaster and destruction of equipment in the plant. Subsequently, control and management of the plant failed, to say nothing of the disposal of the nuclear waste. WATENAGGE Satoko said Japan ha learned a tragiclesson from the Fukishima nuclear incident and shopes that Taiwan will be able to move to developing sustainable renewable energy sources.



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