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Chile’s Partido Ecologista Verde’s Message to the Global Greens


Chile’s Partido Ecologista Verde explains the social unrest in Chile and their conviction to address the government’s abuses and the climate crisis.

Video ranslation:
Hello to my Global Green friends, this is Felix González, a parliamentary deputy for the Chilean Partido Ecologista Verde (PEV) or Green Party. You asked me what was happening in our country. I have to tell you that a few days ago some school children protested about the increase in the prices of the underground/metro in Santiago and they protested by fare-dodging. The government reacted violently with terrible repressive measures: this caused indignation and a social outburst. Extraordinary things began to happen.

For example, the river Aconcagua, which had completely dried up, began to fill up with water because they had been stealing its water and then someone opened the sluice gates. This is the only country in the world in which water has been privatised, just as pensions, health, our roads, water and sanitation, transport, electricity, fuel distribution. Everything is in the private sector.

What have the people said? “No more abuse”. Just like the Aconcagua river, there have been rivers of people flowing down different streets in Chile. These rivers have become seas. The country has awakened and is demanding its rights. The very legal initiatives which we pushed for in the past and which the right opposed now appear to be feasible.
However, I have to inform you that terrible things are happening. We have an indifferent and violent government. First of all, they sent in the police and then the military. This repression has led to deaths, wounded, and illegal arrests.

(As he talks to journalists in the footage) “Make sure you check, this is what you can do, because there have been outbursts throughout Chile, with deaths, people who’ve lost an eye – about 50 people have lost an eye”.

There’s been destruction, fires, barricades, looting, but the great majority of people have come out onto the streets peacefully to tell the government to go. They are armed with saucepans and a spoon. There is no fear of shootings and beatings, just the fear of reaching retirement age in a country that is unjust.

We are taking the Chilean president to court for having infringed the Constitution and the law and are calling for him to be removed from office. We cannot accept that a government sends in the military or the police to shoot at people with weapons of war. (Talking at a meeting, he says) “This is a government that has brought in the police, not to protect infrastructures and supermarkets but to attack civilians who are protesting. And when a government does that, we have to take on our responsibility as parliamentarians and instigate a constitutional trial – not against the minister who is present here but against the president of the Chilean republic. We’re going to get the 10 signatures we need to go ahead and we’re going to present our impeachment. And all our parliamentarians are going to have to vote and to decide on which side of history they want to be. “

What appeared to be impossible last week is happening today. The people are out on the streets to take control of their own destiny. We need Greens from all over the world to support us so that human rights do not continue being violated. We urge you to mobilise the international community and to put pressure on Sebastián Piñera’s government so that this never happens again in any country.

(González talks to camera) “ We want to tell Greens across the world not to cancel COP25. We need you to come to Chile. We have here a country with the conviction to confront abusive actions and also climate change. So, Greta, we’re waiting for you here in Chile. We send all of you a big hug here from Chile and are expecting to see you in December.

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