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Global Greens Congress 2001

Global Greens Congress 2001 was held in Canberra, Australia from 14-16 April, preceded by a meeting of Global Young Greens on 7-9 April, and the Rio+10 International Workshop, on 12-13 April (a collaboration between the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Friends of the Earth Australia and the Green Institute). Over 800 people attended from more than 70 countries.

Global Greens Congress 2001 produced tangible outcomes that endure. The Global Greens Charter, our founding statement of principles, was negotiated and adopted by acclamation, after years of negotiation and days of Congress debate. Resolutions to establish communication  and decision-making mechanisms were passed, enabling formation of the Global Greens Coordination and the Global Greens Network.

This was the first truly global meeting of the Greens and it was amazing! At the outset of the new century the Greens were positioned to play an important role in the politics of the 21st century. Watch the video from Global Greens 2001.

Resolutions passed by the first Global Greens Congress

Global Greens Charter
Founding Resolution
Climate Change
Free Trade Area of the Americas
Positive Globalisation, Oil Companies and People's Decisions
The Next Global Greens Conference


Spinifex - Newsletter of the Global Greens Congress

Number One, April 6th, 2001
Number Two, April 13th, 2001
Number Three, April 14th, 2001
Number Four, April 15th, 2001
Number Five, April 16th, 2001


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