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Global Greens Second Congress 2008 - Ingrid Betancourt Resolution

Resolution passed unanimously, 4 May 2008, at Global Greens Congress 2008 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Honour the heroism of Ingrid Betancourt in the pursuit of truth and justice in Colombia and for the world;
  • Demand the freedom for all hostages of Colombia and for Ingrid Betancourt, prisoner of the FARC since February the 23rd of 2002;
  • Support every initiative which could permit the signing of a humanitarian agreement between the Government of President Alvaro Uribe and the FARC;
  • Are convinced that the armed conflict in Colombia can only be ended by non-violent means and peaceful resolution, via a political and negotiated settlement;
  • Demand, as the families of the hostages do, that the Colombian Government refrains from using violent means, including the bombing of camps, to liberate the hostages;
  • Deeply denounce the utilization of hostages as ‘weapons’;
  • Decide that Ingrid Betancourt, delegate to the 1st Congress of the Global Greens in Canberra 2001, founder of the Green Party Oxigeno de Colombia, member of the Federation of the Green Parties of America, is nominated President of Honor of the Global Greens and of the Coordination of the Global Green parties.

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