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Rwanda Referendum 2015: The Opposition would have won

Rwandans have casted their votes in a national referendum aimed at maintaining the incumbent President to be elected for three more presidential terms. The National Electoral commission has announced victory for that constitutional change.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda takes note of the referendum results. However, the manner in which the election was held did not guarantee a level playing field, since the cabinet issued a one-week short notice for the referendum to be conducted, this would not be enough time for a meaningful campaign.

The National Electoral Commission also confirmed that campaigns were not permitted, meaning that the Party’s NO CHANGE campaign would be illegal. However, members of parliament were able to campaign for a YES vote during their national sensitization program.

The Democratic Green Party will continue the democratic struggle and ensure that Rwanda will have sustainable peace, security and development.

The Party’s official message has been clear since 22nd November 2014, when the Party’s political Bureau confirmed that it would not support any change in the constitution, especially the lifting of presidential term limits but demanded the reduction of the term duration from seven to five years.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda conducted a number of activities against the change of the constitution:

  • Petitioning the Parliament on 13th May 2015, requesting the non- lifting of presidential term limits from the constitution.
  • Filing the law-suit to the Supreme Court on 3rd June 2015, against the change of the constitution especially on Presidential term limits, whose full hearing was on 23rd September 2015 and final verdict was pronounced on 8th October 2015.
  • Petitioning the President of the Republic after the supreme court ruling on 14th October 2015.
  • Holding several public talk-shows on different radios and televisions, media interviews and other activities against the change of the constitution.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda will not give up on the struggle to make Rwanda a vibrant democracy. We will continue to work towards achieving a peaceful transfer of power in Rwanda.


Done on 18th December 2015 

Dr.Frank Habineza

 President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda


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