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Rwanda Greens - Human Rights and Elections Training

On Saturday, 17th October 2015, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, successfully trained its political bureau members on participatory democracy, human rights and elections at Hotel Le Printemps in Kigali.

The party leaders, had an opportunity to be refreshed on both national and international protocols and practices on human rights, democracy and elections. Members were also trained on their role in the promotion of free and fair elections, promotion of human rights in Rwanda and their active involvement in participatory democracy. The Party also awarded certificates to 24 graduates of the Youth Political Leadership Academy.

The party also held a political bureau meeting and a press conference and demands the following:

  1. The National Electoral Commission to consider programming the No Change campaign in case a referendum is confirmed for the change of the constitution and plan for that budget from the tax payer’s money, since the parliamentarians have already conducted a sensitisation campaign for the change of the constitution using public funding.
  2. Government to separate roles of public servants from those of heading political organisations at district and local levels. It’s been a culture where all District Mayors and Local leaders automatically become Chairpersons of the ruling party in all the administrative areas of the country. DGPR finds this a big conflict of interest and betrayal of the trust of the voters, since all those leaders were not elected on a party ticket. This bad culture must stop and come into effect after the February/March 2016 local elections.

  3. The National Public Prosecution Authority should take over from the National Police the dossier of the Party’s National Organising Secretary, Jean Damascene MUNYESHYAKA, who went missing on 27th June 2014 in Bugesera District. The National Public Prosecution authority is requested to finalise those investigations, and let the public know whether, Mr.Munyeshyaka is still alive or already dead.

  4. DGPR calls upon all local authorities to embrace a democratic culture and stop mistreatment of party members at all local levels.

By Frank Habineza, President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

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