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Participating in Greens PH's 2nd National Convention - Day 1

Greens PH 2nd National Convention 2016

Baguio-Philippines, 15-17 January 2016

Written by: Ade Indriani Zuchri, General Secretary of Indonesia Green Union

First day ( 15th of January 2016)

It’s a good opportunity for Indonesia Green Union to attend the 2nd National Convention hosted by Partido Kalikasan PH in Baguio-Philippines. This 2nd National Convention will be held in 3 days until 17th of January 2016.

Baguio’s weather for me is so cold, but this cold atmoshpere doesn’t make the participants lose their spirit. The participants of this 2nd National Convention come from several provinces in Philippines, such as Laguna, Baguio, Abra, Cebu, and Negro’s Island. The participants are so exited in discussing some problems about environmental, local initiative, LGBT, energy, climate change, woman and youth, and about the other internal organisational issues.

Indonesia and Philippines have a similar environmental problem because of slow respond from the government on environmental problems. We still remember how Parlas removed a country’s requirement for companies responsble for creating forest fires in South Sumatra, Indonesia.  In the Philippines, Partido Kalikasan has experienced difficulty in persuading the Philippine government to produce policy to significally protect the natural and social resources of the country, including women, local community, and minor community livelihoods.

Cebuano Ambassador  (Paolo Martin Saberon) makes it clear that it’s so hard to advocate and campaign for the local community to take an action on livelihood problems in Cebu. Cebu is known for its illegal fishing and reclamation problems, also about existence of local community, and for clearing those problems they try to visit some schools, and do the campaign in radios. And finally after doing that they got a support from some local communities in Cebu and until now help them to spread the climate change issues.

And for Venus Aquino (Lamao Higlander for Environment and Rural development and Coorporate) from ABRA Province, the serious problems about natural resources in Abra are because more mining companies operating in Abra. With the strength of modal, they pay the local community to work for them. And then almost of all the society work in mining sector and in local farming which are make an environmental problem more complexes. Before the mining companies operating in Abra, women in Abra was so easy to planting and getting the fishes in rivers. After all of those problems happened in Abra, the local government just pretending to concern about those problems, but they don’t make some policies to help the local community and all of their societies

Because of that, for the second day this 2nd National Convention will discuss the strategy for strenghtening the local community and discuss the mechanism of local community’s space in participating to fight for ecological problems. (AIZ)

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