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Note from Partido Kalikasan's 2nd National Convention - Day 2

By: Ade Indriani Zuchri, General Secretary Indonesia Green Union (Indonesian language text)

Leaders came from the National Capital Region Tarlac (Central Luzon), Abra & Baguio from Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) Celbayong City, Kabankalan, Bocolod City and Bago City of Negros OCC, Cebu Leyte and Bohol From Visayas, Laguna from Southern Luzon and ARMM of Mindanao, to discuss important issues such as :

  1. Strengthening Grassroots Democracy: 
    Intended Outcome: Identify priority issues and actions for strengthening grassroots democracy regionally and nationally.

Sharing from (Negros Island-Kabankalan City):

Environment is important as equally to its desire to become a progressive city in the Country.  The city environmental policies are being translated to its city environmental plans and programs. This Environment was manifested by people of Kabankalan during lets Philippines as it takes national and international scene in the most numbered od volunteers doing voluntary work. The city also jubilating its achievements for the environment during the City Environment week being participated by Barangays, people organisations,CSO, Education Sector, NGOs,Religiuos sectors and National and Lince Agencies.

2. Grassroots Democracy:
Experience from Abra:

Grassroots Democracy in Abra is yet to be achieved.  Our Governments effort to exercise grassroots democracy is unfortunately still being politicised.  Grassroots democracy are on the paper only and  are always being abused by the people that are tasked to implement the same.

Rampant in Abra is political dynasty and political ill-will. People are not given the genuine opportunity to resolve their poverty problems that most of the time forces them to abuse the natural resources just to survive and be alive.

Political Dynasty that causes the people to rather follow and obey the dictation of the politician which is generally geared towards merely infrastructure projects sacrificing environmental concerns and the reason they chooses infrastructure projects are because  the politicians themselves are the contractors which is actually violative of the law.

In their Political ill-will, they manipulate programs and projects that supposedly have been identified and/or managed by the community. The Governments program on grassroot participatory situational analysis are in vain and struggling to be achieved.  Programs and projects being identified by the grassroots are generally being scraped by the political leaders.  While it may be true that our government has loads of anti-poverty programs which includes protection of the environment such as Solid Waste Management, National Greening Program, and others, still the same are not being given the chance to be prioritized.

  Right now the environmental situation of Abra will be discussed below:


  1. Mining

Illegal small skill mining are rampant in the area, the worst area upon which large area of the mountainous area are now denuded and bald is in capcapo, licuan-baay.  Excessive mining activities by the small mining miners are causing it.  While they may claim that they are small skill miners, still they use  equipment and procedure of that of a big mining companies such as bore mill and mercury.

  1. Illegal logging

Most households in Abra are using fire woods for cooking their daily foods.  They generally cut trees at their own volition and choice  because there is no policy or law managing it.  Also in Abra, specially in the Bucay, rampant is the unregulated charcoal production for both domestic and commercial purposes, charcoal producers are cutting trees without permit or clrance from the concern agency

  1. Overgrazing

There is no identified pastureland and most ordinances on astray animals are not being given a value that is why most animals are astray. In Abra, most livestocks animals are, cow carabao, goats, pigs chicken.  These animals grazed everywhere and they consumes loads of low lying trees or grasses.

  1. Forest Fires

  Abra is located in an area that is mountainous and with mossy forest , the weather is hot and those being paid by the Government to take good care of the forest are not doing there job

  1. Landslides

By nature due Mountainous area  and due to too much improperly managed infrastructure, and due to mining, landslides are rampant and due to the landslides trees are being carried away.


CHILDREN: There health and future will be at stake.  Unhealthy children will also have a little chance of pursuing a higher education because a sickly child can not complete his/her attendance to school.

WOMEN: Usually women work in the fields. Culturally, men must usually stay in the village as warriors and protectors of the village that explains why women and children usually stay at the farm.  Due to climate change, prolonged stay in the sun might cause sickness such as skin cancer, heat-stroke, and mild stroke, and more other kind of sickness. Usually women work in the fields. Culturally, men must usually stay in the village as warriors and protectors of the village that explains why women and children usually stay at the farm.  Due to climate change, prolonged stay in the sun might cause sickness such as skin cancer, heat-stroke, and mild stroke, and more other kind of sickness.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE: possible displacement.  If their natural habitat will be destroyed, not knowing more advanced way to earn a living and to survive, they will be forced to migrate and migration usually cause the deculturalization of the IPs.


Abra has still loads of natural resources and it has vast of areas that are still untouched by illegal activities.  We must maintain it. We must not allow it to be destroyed.  There are areas that has already been extremely destroyed but I still believe that I can make a difference thru help and guidance  coming concerned group that wars with us in our present plight.

We hope that we will be extended that help and guidance in an immediate manner that we can still save those that are being destroyed and preserve which are still untouched.

How to Build a Green Party from the start :

Intended outcome: it is hoped that through the sharing of ideas,experiences and knowledge,that participants are inspired and energised to develop and implement strategies and mechanism for the continued of GREENS PH.

Gender Equality/Women Network Building:

Intended Outcome: To promote the building of perspective,positive and responsible relationship across lines of division in the spirit of a multi-cultural society, requires gender equality between women and man in all spheres of social,economic,political and cultural life. and the priority program:

    * Health for women and children, Education for womens and children, increase capacity for   women member and Leader, participation for the Local, Regional, National and International Event.

Young Greens: Share Knowledge and information to the issues of building the young greens PH network.

Phase 1:

  • Mapping : Create an inventory of organization/individuals with existing green platforms and are considered as champion.
  • Creation of Database of Organisations.   

Phase 2:

  • Local Assembly (with representation from the LGBT, Ips Youth and Etc), that highlight the discussion on the existing local and national policies (policy Forum/ Registration of Green related programs and projects/formation of the Local Core Group/Creation of the training team/formation of the Green PH Youth Initiative/Formation of efficiency team formation
  • Formation of the multi sectoral local Project Advocacy team.

Phase  3

  • Green PH Youth Initiative Camp and launching of an  Award Mechanism
  • Training of Online Database of all the training Modules depending on the training needs of the members, and pilot testing in Cebu,Bohol and Leyte.

Phase 4:

  • Upscalling of good practices.
  1. Green Network: Share Knowledge and Information to the issues of building an IP Green Network.  

  • Mindanao: Create Foundation to Support Greens Mindanao Partido Kalikasan, and concerning to develop deforestations program.
  • Convening Regional Parties. (ARMM/Autonomous Region in Mouslem Mindanou), Region 9, Region 10, Region 11,Region 12, Caraga Region)

6. Migrant Workers Network:

  • Strengthening for Domestic worker organization about the issue bright and wellfare, and concern for philipinos domestic worker and planning for proposed migrants worker conference November 2016.
  • Green Philippines migrant workers union reintegration for one shelter care centre. (shelter care for of who are terminated without notice physical and emotional abused from their employers.

7. Local institute network.

This topic was discussed for strengthening Partido Kalikasan PH, especially for some sectors which need a concern and capacity development and also to strength a local initiative for creating a local willingness in doing organisations programs, advocating, and campaigning. This local network is a organisation who has a willingness to help Partido Kalikasan PH for strengthening and making Partido Kalikasan PH better.


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