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UN Recognition for Nepal's Organic School

On 16th September, UN-General Assembly Side event has been held at the UN Secretariat, UN building, New York. The side event was about Youth, land and agriculture.

Yamina Djacta, Director of UN Habitat, New York Office, Ahmad Alhendawi, United Nations’ Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth had given opening remarks.  BK Dalit, President of Team for Nature and Wildlife (TNW) and Convener of the Nepali Greens, was one of the key note speakers of the event representing Nepal.


The Y Factor of Politics

Unless the youth feel concerned and get involved in politics at all stages, we cannot expect a nation to grow. Remember, it is not good for a nation when its citizens only complain and expect someone else to fix their problems. It is considered a social disgrace if someone chooses to maintain a reserved or a neutral stand on issues. It is because many youngsters are migrating to other countries. People who believe that the political system will never change prefer to make their careers outside the country. We have to build a foundation for a prosperous future. If we have the power to bring about changes, then why not exercise that power now?

Youth on the Move

Most of youths are frustrated. If I’m a youth who’s ambitious, and believes in a scientific way of thinking, entrepreneurship, empowerment, progress and personal freedom, which party will back that? Is there a leader who represents my aspirations? Youth migration, job opportunity, peace and development are but optional issues for our leaders. And none of the true progressive Nepali youths are satisfied with this. They’re in a state of limbo, and hence, they opt to migrate.

Invitation To Speak 「說話的邀約」

There are different energies present in listening; among the strongest of these is the “invitation to speak.”

“Tell me your story. Tell it to me in whatever way is satisfying for you. Take all the time you need. Tell it fast or slow. It doesn’t need to be perfect all well thought out. Speak from the heart or mind. I will hold whatever you tell me with care. I am here to listen to you and learn. Tell me how could I be the most helpful to you?”


When America Stops Importing Energy

By Ian Bremmer and Kenneth A. Hersh, NYTimes

You’ve probably heard by now about the American energy revolution. Breakthroughs in drilling technology have opened access to enough new oil and gas reserves in the United States to dramatically reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil.


12 Principles for Presencing | 身處當下的12個原則

I took a deep dive into Theory U’s  presencing concept by joining a 10 day vision quest in the Colorado mountains with John Milton, pundit behind the presencing concept and spiritual teacher to Theory U authors Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge,  This September’s newsletter offers one perspective on the meaning of presence as explained by John Milton’s Twelve Principles.


Developing Organizational Creativity, Leadership Skills and Team Performance in Nature | 在大自然中培育組織創意、領導技巧與團隊表現

Vision Quests, solo retreats in Nature and Sacred Passages have been the primary source of creative renewal for many human cultures. For example, Vision Quests conducted in the Native American Way involve a period of deep preparation with the help of a qualified shaman, teacher or guide, followed by a wilderness solo at a sacred place in Nature. Normally, the solo time is for three nights and four days. During that time, there is no contact with other humans, one stays inside a specific circular area and often there is a simple fast from food. 



By Thomas Friedman, Foreign Policy


Blue Economy 藍色經濟

I'd like to showcase a popular book and movement called The Blue Economy which began as a project to find 100 of the best nature-inspired innovations to create 100 million jobs within the next 10 years.  The Blue Economy aims to pragmatically transition the conventional model of perpetual industrial growth to a model of sustainably providing for basic human needs through the principle that whatever is necessary in life should be cheap, and whatever is indispensable for life should be for free.



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