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Domestic Workers and Climate Change

The main problems that drag women to become workers abroad, especially as domestic workers, are due to limited living space caused by massive expansion of big plantations, such as palm, pulp paper, or any other big investment. ... For the sake of economic growth, local communities are imposed upon to follow the capital owner's homogenisation of commodities such as agricultural conversation to palm, pesticide use, and modern life. Political, economic, and cultural benefits are often not acquired by the society. We have lost so much in the name of this big investment. We have lost our rights as the sovereign holder of food, land, water, energy, and other natural resources.

COP21 Video Message


Resolving our Cognitive Dissonance - Kennedy Graham COP21 blog 2

How to resolve the inherent contradictions, the cognitive dissonance, that continues to bedevil our climate negotiations, a quarter-century on? Can we achieve a workable global consensus on value, agency, and criteria? But ultimately the answer, if there is to be one, lies in new spiritual insight – a paradigmatic change in human self-perception. The initiatives taken in recent years by religious leaders of all faiths are becoming the beacon. If they are emulated by the faithful, and beyond to civil society, to the market and to political leadership, it may reduce the cognitive dissonance we still encounter in this epic struggle, spawning a genuine consensus over how to live on planet Earth. If this were to occur, we might gain a new understanding on what is of intrinsic worth, who is empowered to take legitimate decisions on all our behalf, and what criteria we adopt for determining policy.

Testing The Climate, Taunting the Gods - Kennedy Graham COP21 blog 1

The national leaders of the world – there are, strictly as yet, no world leaders – have assembled in Paris and offered their wisdom on how to save the climate of planet Earth from humans, in the sense at least of keeping it congenial for humankind, and maybe a few other life-forms. There is a sense of urgency, which should not come as a surprise since non-linear climate change has already set in and pretty much everyone is discernibly suffering. But there was a sense of urgency in Copenhagen 6 years ago, and this did not prevent failure. The danger of Paris is not the absence of a text. The danger is the lowered expectations to beguile the global public. Let’s acknowledge a few truths first, at the outset of Paris, and dispel some emerging mythology being disseminated, not least by NZ.

COP21 Webinar: Christine Milne

Climate finance will be a key issue to secure an agreement at COP21. How to secure the $100b per year by 2020, whether or not there needs to be a new financial goal set beyond the $100 billion per year by 2020, development of consistently applied financial transparency, reporting and integrity measures, and flexible rules to allow allocations for REDD+, adaptation, loss and damage, technology transfer and capacity building are on the table. There is a strong push from some developed countries to abandon “loss and damage” which will be controversial as it implies a rejection of historical responsibility and compensation above and beyond adaptation.

African States Should Demand Climate Justice at COP21 in Paris

The evidence of climate change is overwhelming around the continent. African states are requested to go with one voice and one position to the UN’s Conference on Climate Change in Paris, which is to demand climate justice for the African people. (In English and Spanish)

Rwanda Greens - Human Rights and Elections Training

On Saturday, 17th October 2015, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, successfully trained its political bureau members on participatory democracy, human rights and elections at Hotel Le Printemps in Kigali.

Australia 'universally condemned' at regional Greens meeting

Too often, the concerns of Pacific Island nations are jettisoned in favour of bigger nations’ interests. The Asia Pacific Greens congress aims to change that. We know that this is the critical decade. If we are going to constrain global warming to less than 2 degrees, let alone the 1.5 degrees being sought by the small island states and a number of leading scientists, we must take strong and urgent action to cut our emissions and break our addiction to coal. The transition to a renewable energy future is full of opportunities for new industry, jobs and skills, but it will take all of us campaigning together to establish the political will for change.

Recognizing Youth Labor

We can see an immense number of youth in front of the Royal Palace museum every day. Not to visit the museum but to apply for a passport at the passport division office, ministry of foreign affairs. I am sure, most of them deserves to get the job of their dream but due to the foolish government and their nonsense employment policy youth are in a burden to fly over the gulf countries and get themselves involved in whatever job they find.

365 days for women, not just one day: UKPP, India

The Uttarakhand Parivartan Party (UKPP) believes that the women are as integral and as important as the men are to a society as all humans are equal and no human is superior or inferior to other human. At the same time, UKPP is aware of the social, economic and political realities across the globe and knows fully well that in several societies, including the Indian society, women still are not treated on equal footing.


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