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Winning the Votes with Local Issues

"I did not come as a politician or a politian candidate, I came because I had to help people in my area who suffered injustice in environmental issues, I’m not fighting for myself, I have been an environmental activist for 25 years, and there is no reason for me not to care and pretend to do not know what is experienced by people of my region." (Jenny Leong-Parliamentarians Sydney who received 45% votes).

Strengthening Community Participation in Reducing Deforestation in 8 Provinces of Indonesia Green union’s (SHI) work areas

Sarekat Hijau Indonesia (SHI) works in 8 provinces of Indonesia: (1) South Sumatera (2) Riau (3) Jambi (4) North Sumatera (5) Aceh (6) Lampung (7) West Java (8) Central Borneo; to address the problems of deforestation by: Strengthening local institutions to support green village development through green political school and activities; Improving the community’s capital through sustainability integrated farming and biodiversity; and empowering program effectiveness.

Strengthening Political Participation of Women in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities

Indonesia Green Union conducts green political schools to educate women at the village, district, town and province levels so that they will be ready to participate in Indonesia's legislative elections in 2019.

Participating in Greens PH's 2nd National Convention - Day 1

Indonesia and Philippines have a similar environmental problem because of slow respond from the government on environmental problems. We still remember how Parlas removed a country’s requirement for companies responsble for creating forest fires in South Sumatra, Indonesia. In the Philippines, Partido Kalikasan has experienced difficulty in persuading the Philippine government to produce policy to significally protect the natural and social resources of the country, including women, local community, and minor community livelihoods.

Note from Partido Kalikasan's 2nd National Convention - Day 2

Leaders came from the National Capital Region Tarlac (Central Luzon), Abra & Baguio from Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) Celbayong City, Kabankalan, Bocolod City and Bago City of Negro’s OCC, Cebu Leyte and Bohol From Visayas, Laguna from Southern Luzon and ARMM of Mindanao, to discuss important issues such as: 1) Strengthening Grassroots Democracy, Deforestation, How to build a Green Party from the start, and Network building.

Indonesia Green Union's Assessment of COP21 Climate Agreement

COP21 has just ended; there will be no more long debate, serious situation, disappointed gimmick, and high tense atmosphere. What can we pick from the biggest event, which was participated by 195 countries in Paris? A legal agreement in which all of participated countries should keep the global emission below 2 degrees. It became a long debate among civil organisations around the world. Some of them stated that it was a difficult action to be achieved due to escalated earth temperature with 0,85 Celsius since 1880, according to the meeting on climate change in 2014. Therefore, significant reduced emission is needed, especially from the biggest emission producing countries, such as the USA and China.

Domestic Workers and Climate Change

The main problems that drag women to become workers abroad, especially as domestic workers, are due to limited living space caused by massive expansion of big plantations, such as palm, pulp paper, or any other big investment. ... For the sake of economic growth, local communities are imposed upon to follow the capital owner's homogenisation of commodities such as agricultural conversation to palm, pesticide use, and modern life. Political, economic, and cultural benefits are often not acquired by the society. We have lost so much in the name of this big investment. We have lost our rights as the sovereign holder of food, land, water, energy, and other natural resources.

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