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Polish Call for Democracy

One hundred days after the ascension to power of the ultra-conservative party PiS (Law and Justice) in Poland, the mobilization of the people continues.

On Saturday 27 February, a demonstration calling for democracy, unity and freedom took place in Warsaw. Oras Tynkkynen, Committee Member of the European Green Party, was present to add the voice of the European Greens in support of this protest. This event was organized by Komitet Obrony Demokracji, a civil movement that was born on the wave of opposition to the government.

The organisation estimated a presence of 80,000 people at the demonstration. The event attracted a large crowd of widely different people with one common concern; the situation of the country since PiS won the last elections.

"The massive rally in Warsaw showed that Polish citizens are worried about the government's plans to concentrate power and control people. Greens support the Polish people in defending the European values of freedom and democracy" said Oras.

Our Finnish Committee Member was invited by the Polish Green co-chairs, Marek Kossakowskiand Małgorzata Tracz, to join them on stage. Oras got the chance to deliver a speech on defending European democratic values to thousands of people. "I had the honor of addressing tens of thousands of pro-democracy protestors. Together with my Polish colleagues we delivered a Green message for freedom, democracy and development that does not leave anyone behind."

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