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Friends of the Global Greens (FRoGG)

To become a FROGG - Friend of the Global Greens - just make a recurring donation. You decide the amount and duration.  Click here to start  

FRoGGs are Green parties, Parliamentarians and Activists who make recurring donations of any amount to the Global Greens. 

Consider donating 1% of income to match the UN target for International aid (0.7% of GNI) and the Sustainable Development Goal 17: Revitalizing global partnerships.  Read about the different ways to donate at:


The Global Greens is the political family of Green parties and movements.  As a non-profit organisation we rely on donations to connect, consolidate and campaign for Green progress around the world.  Your donation enables us to support Greens working together for our shared goals expressed in our Global Charter.

Our challenge today is to think and act globally and locally at the same time (see the GG Ambassador's speech) - the Greens are the political movement designed for that purpose, and the Global Greens facilitates our connection, consolidation and mutual support.  

Questions?  Contact the Global Greens Fundraiser, Ms. Eva Goës at: [email protected]

Want to do even more? The Global Greens Secretariat offers volunteering opportunities at:

As a FRoGG you have the opportunity to be recognised on this website for your contribution.  Here are some of the Friends of the Global Greens, see all the historical FROGGs on the Global Greens' Facebook album.

FRoGG - David WestssonKarin FrejaroFRoGG - Uli
FROGG - EvaRobinahSimone Andersson, FROGG
FROGG - CatherineFROGG - KaihsuFROGG - Merja
MargaretHibo Penny
KnappFROGG - Datu
FROGG - Inger
Jean de DyckerFROGG - MonikaFROGG - Russel
FROGG-IsabellaFROGG - BobFROGG - Margot
TomFROGG - MatildeFROGG-Per
FROGG-MarielFROGG - SteveFROGG-Anneli
FROGG - Stephen
DanielleFROGG - BallavFROGG-Alice
FROGG - Per-IngeFROGG - EvelyneFROGG - Daniel
Frogg- AmandaEdlirKeli
FROGG-Valter MuttFROGG-EllinorFROGG-Göran Haden
FROGG - Catherine GrezeFROGG - NiclasFROGG - Jessica




FROGG - Valter Mutt
FROGG - Göran Haden
FROGG-Elinor Scheffer
FRoGG - Karin Frejarö
FRoGG - David Westsson
FRoGG - Uli Kindermann
Simone Andersson
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