The Global Greens 5th Congress

 Will be held jointly with the Asia Pacific Greens Federation in 2021!

The global face-to-face event will be held in Seoul, Korea in the summer of 2021.

Congress sessions will also be hosted by Green Parties around the world which integrate their local perspectives into the global theme of Democracy and Climate.
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Letter from APGF to Australian Greens and Dr. Richard di Natale

18 January, 2020
On behalf of APGF members, Co-conveners Mr. Tika Dhoj Bhandari and Ms. Snighda Tiwari expressed their sympathy, support and solidarity to the Australian Greens and Leader of the Australian Greens, Mr Richard Di Natale. Read more

Letter of Support and Condolence Re Deadly Bushfires | From Nepali Greens to Australian Greens

11 January, 2020
A beautiful letter of support and condolences for the Australian bushfires from the Leader of the Nepali Greens to the Leader of the Australian Greens. Read more

Press Release - COP25 closes without enough ambition: "there must be consequences for the obstructors of climate action"

17 December, 2019
PRESS RELEASE Brussels 15 December 2019 Following two weeks of negotiations the 25th UN climate conference (COP25) in Madrid came to a close on Sunday morning. The new co-chairs of the European Green Party both attended the conference, and said the following upon its conclusion: "The insufficient climate policies from around the world do not even come close to the ambition needed to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. This must lead to consequences with regards to the trade talks that the EU is currently having with some of the biggest obstructors of climate action." Read more

FPVA Carta al Presidente Argentino

16 November, 2019
Aprovechamos esta significativa ocasión para dar todo nuestro apoyo a los Verdes de Argentina cuyas capacidades, aplicadas a la conducción del Ministerio del Ambiente, serán un claro mensaje de su gobierno a nivel internacional sobre su convicción ambiental. Read more

Chile’s Partido Ecologista Verde has a message to the Global Greens

14 November, 2019
Chile’s Partido Ecologista Verde explains the social unrest in Chile and their conviction to address the government’s abuses and the climate crisis. Read more

Bolivia’s Partido Verde Ecologista Denuncia el gobierno de Evo Morales

13 November, 2019
PARTIDO VERDE ECOLOGISTA (PVE) DENUNCIA y ACLARACIÓN ANTE LA OPINION INTERNACIONAL El PVE condena y denuncia ante la opinión internacional y los verdes del mundo, la doble moral del gobierno de Evo Morales, actitud que la tuvo durante sus 14 años, cuyos resultados hoy día se hacen evidentes, deja un país, racista, con una clase política corrupta e impune, penetrada y gobernada por los sindicatos cocaleros del Chapare Read more

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